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The Cumulus Care Services team is a dynamic community of compassionate people, committed to shaping the lives and securing the future so the next generation

If you're looking for more than a career but an opportunity to impact lives and contribute to the wellbeing of children, you've come to the right place.

Discover our opportunities in our children's home in the West Midlands

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Why we might be your perfect fit for children's care jobs in the West Midlands

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We support your personal growth

We invest in your development, providing comprehensive training, mentorship and opportunities to home your skills and advance your career. Just as you help the children in your care grow into themselves, we'll help you become the best version of yourself in a supportive environment.


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Join a supportive

Our children's home in the West Midlands is a collaborative effort. Our caring team are unwavering in their support, friendly in their guidance and generous in their encouragement. When you work with us you'll feel valued, appreciated and genuinely like you're part of something bigger.


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Connect with

Every child who comes through our doors carries a unique story. As you get to know them, understand their needs and see them flourish, you will foster a meaningful relationship that is endlessly rewarding.






But why work in care at all?

Care is more than a job to us – It's a calling

Every day as an opportunity to make a difference by uplifting those in need and, in doing so, celebrate the milestones of incredible children and young adults. You'll learn as much about what you're capable of and your capacity for greatness as our children and young adults learn about themselves.

Beyond these personal rewards, working in care offers a number of practical benefits:

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Job security and growth

The care sector is always in demand, offering stable job opportunities and many different avenues for further growth.

Community Engagement

You will have opportunities to work closely with local organisations and figures, creating a strong support network and feeling of connectedness with your community.

Continuous Learning

Because the care industry is always evolving, there are plenty of opportunities for ongoing training and professional development, furthering your personal and career growth.







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