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We understand that every child is an individual with unique challenges and that some might need a little extra support to blossom. We open our doors with open hearts and specialist expertise, creating a welcoming space where children with emotional behavioural needs, learning disabilities and sensory impairments don't just thrive but flourish.

Cumulus Care has an holistic approach to children's social care that goes beyond traditional therapy. We instead support those in our care with individualised plans that combine sensory stimulation with nurturing care and personalised attention, addressing the specific needs and aspirations of each child and young person.

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The mission behind our children's home in the West Midlands 

Cumulus Care Services believes that each and every child carries their own unique story, marked both by challenges and dreams. Our holistic children's home in the West Midlands aims to address their challenges while nurturing their dreams with gentle, outcome-based support.


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More than a roof over their heads, our children's home in the west midlands strives to create a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment that fosters security and a sense of belonging.

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We're committed to delivering a level of care and accommodation that closely mirrors that of a domestic home, with all the personalised attention and acknowledgement that comes with this.


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Each child's experience is tailored to their individual needs and preferences to make sure they feel seen, heard and, most importantly, valued.

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As the heart of Cumulus Care Services, our dedicated and professional residential teams are always available to offer unwavering support, guidance and encouragement.


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Social connections are crucial for the development of every child and young person, and we aim to deliver by offering a wide range of engaging social activities. From team sports and creative workshops to community outings and individual pursuits, we empower each child in our care to explore their interests, build relationships and discover their inner spark.

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Who do we assist?

Our children's home in the West Midlands is open to children with:

  • Emotional behavioural needs
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • Sensory impairment

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Are you drawn to making a positive impact? Do you have a heart for children and a desire to be their guiding light? If so, we invite you to explore a rewarding career with Cumulus Care Services.

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